Retired Stamps (2)

Hello! These pages will display my retired sets for sale. Each picture has a caption with the set name, the last catalog it appeared in, the original price and finally the price I am asking. If you are interested in purchasing a set, click on the email link above and list the set or sets by name and then send the email. If for some reason the link does not work for you, my email address is When I receive your email, I will send a Paypal invoice to you. Please be aware that these sets are offered on a first come first served basis, with the sale only finalized when your payment has been received through Paypal. If the transaction is not completed within 48 hours, I will move on to the next person requesting the set.If you need to pay through another method other than Paypal, please mention that in your original email requesting the set.

Your Paypal total will include shipping. I will ship orders using the appropriately sized, flat rate priority mail boxes through USPS. If you plan to unmount these sets and would like them shipped without the wood blocks to save on shipping let me know.

The pricing on these sets will vary depending on the rarity and after market value on some hard to find sets. The prices are firm, but watch for special events where I may price some to move.

 made from scratch

Made From Scratch (2006) $11.95 $7.00

 Polka Dots & Paisley

Polka Dots & Paisley (2008) $18.95 $15.00


Yummy (2009) $17.95 $5.00

 Tags and More

Tags and More (2007) $19.95 $12.00

 in the sky

In the Sky (2005) $11.95 $9.00

 sassy seasonals

Sassy Seasonals (2001) $11.95 $10.00

 watercolor minis

Watercolor Minis (2007) $17.95 $13.00

 paint prints

Paint Prints (2005) $17.95 $5.00

 watercolor garden

Watercolor Garden (2007) $26.95 $20.00

  crazy for Christmas

Crazy for Christmas (2007) $19.95 $18.00

  flower garden

Flower Garden (2006) $19.95 $15.00

  little layers 2

Little Layers II (2006) $19.95 $10.00

 reverse prints

Reverse Prints (2006) $24.95 $15.00

 brushstroke hummingbird

Brushstroke Hummingbird (2003) $19.95 $15.00

 check frame

Check Frame (2002) $11.95 $5.00


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