Punch art Lamb and Chick

punch art

This is a cute little punch art lamb that we made for Stamp Camp a while back. I made a tutorial for it and a punch art chick. Enjoy!

Punch art lamb

These are the punched pieces you will need for the lamb.

punch art lamb

Cut the oval, circle and word window pieces in half as shown.

punch art lamb

Attach the oval half to the scallop circle as shown. Make the ears by attaching the two

half circles. Add the word window pieces to the back of the circle to make the lambs legs.

punch art lamb

Add the 3 flowers for the wooly hair on her head and the two 1/8 inch circles for eyes.

punch art lamb

The final touches are the pink flower and pearl and pupils, drawn in with a Basic Black marker.

punch art chick

Make an adorable chick with the punched pieces shown.

punch art chick

The little hearts from the owl builder punch make cute little chickie feet! Add the hearts

for wings and the blossom flower for comb. You could leave off the flower and add a bow

for a little girl chickie. 🙂

punch art chick

Fold the square in half to make the beak. I just cut a 5/8 card stock strip to make the

square for the beak.  Add the circles for the eyes as shown to finish. I decided not to

add the tiny white circles for the eyes but you can add them if you want your chick to

be looking a certain direction!

Happy Stampin’




  1. Christine says:

    Love, love, LOVE these Belinda!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your creations!


    • Thanks Christine! Aren’t they fun? I hope to be sharing a lot more of these little cuties.

  2. NavyWyf says:

    These little fellas are SO doggone cute! TFS

    • Belinda says:

      Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog! And Thank you, I love the punch art stuff!