Color Commotion

With the big color renovation coming in the new catalog, I thought I would post some information on the upcoming changes and then some color tips and ideas about color and inks in general.


new colors


Place your order for retiring colors as soon as possible!

First, some information about the transition to the new color groupings and deadlines to order. If you are planning on stocking up on specific colors before they retire, you should place your order as soon as possible. Stampin’ Up had intended to place the retiring colors on a first come, first served basis after May 31st, but demand for the retiring colors has been much higher than previous retirements and so the paper inventory could be depleted much sooner than expected. Ink refills can be back ordered and so those will be available till the end of May and then orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis as all other retiring, non stamp items will be. They will fill orders for paper as long as possible, substituting textured card stocks as colors run out. To order new inventories now, will interfere with the manufacturing of the new colors and so they have had to move up the out of stock deadline on the paper.


Updating your current color sets

Some of you may be wondering about how you will update your current color sets to the new color groups. Stampin’ Up! will be offering several kits that will update your existing color sets to the new color groupings. For instance, if you have the current Many Marvelous Marker set with all 48 colors, you will have the opportunity to purchase a kit that will include all of the new colors and returning In Colors as well as a new insert for your marker case. If you have the chalks or watercolor crayons, you will be able to purchase a kit that will have the new colors and new cases to contain them. All of our current color products will have update kits available for those who wish to update their color collections.


Some things to consider about the retiring colors

To stock up or not? On the one hand, you have already invested in pads and paper to match and now those colors will no longer be available. Should you stock up on everything or just use it up and replace it with the new colors eventually?


First, consider why we are making this renovation. Many of the colors were just not popular, at all and often there were many variations of one color and some were just never as popular as others. Many are very outdated. Take the Bold Bright collection, for instance. Most of those colors are going away, but there will still be a similar color, in an updated version. Originally, I thought I would stock up on these. I needed my Sesame Street Colors! But I soon realized that the colors replacing these will work very well, they are just more vibrant and current versions of those colors. Pacific Point is perfect for Cookie Monster and Daffodil delight will be closer for Big Bird (less neon)!


There are a couple of options here. You could purchase an ink refill and a couple of packs of paper, to make your investment last as long as possible or you could just use up your current supplies and replace them with the updated color when they run out. If you have a lot of paper, you may want to purchase a re-inker for your pad, so that you will have ink to match while you use it up.


In the instance where colors are very close in values, there is the option of using up the current color and then rinsing the pad thoroughly, letting it dry and inking it with the new color that is close to it. YoYo yellow could be transitioned  to the new Daffodil color for instance. Mellow Moss could be transitioned to Sahara Sand or River Rock.


If you love purples, in particular lighter variations, you probably would want to stock up on a re-inker and paper. For this catalog season anyway, there won’t be a light purple in the mix. You may also want to look at whether there is a color that remains that is similar to the color going away and transition to that. Also consider that your existing colors of pads may still co-ordinate with current papers, even if they do not match exactly.


Keep in mind that the new colors are gorgeous, and very up to date and trendy, so you will find plenty of new colors to fall in love with. But if a color is going away that you love, love, love, by all means pick up a re-inker and a couple of paper packs so you won’t be kicking yourself later.


My favorite color tips

  • Buy the Ink refill when you purchase the pad. There is nothing more frustrating than opening a pad you haven’t used in a while and realizing that it needs to be re-inked and now you have to place an order for 1 bottle of ink and wait for it to arrive.
  • As I mentioned earlier, don’t throw away retired pads. Re-ink them with a color that is similar.
  • Don’t feel you have to own all 40 colors! The new configuration co-ordinates better across all 4 groups, so choose the colors you love and make your own favorite groupings. Remember that we will have new In Colors introduced each year and those colors will be available for two years, so there will be plenty of opportunities to update your palette and keep it current and fresh.
  • Vary your color choices, invest in full size pads in colors you will use frequently and in spots or markers and re-inkers for those you use less often.
  • Use Ink refills to create your own pads (baby wipe technique), extend the life of your markers, water color images, etc.


Here is a sneak peek at the new colors!

It’s hard to get the exact colors in a photo, so I have shown a comparison to some of the other colors. I think you will see that the new colors are a gorgeous improvement and work so much better with  colors across the color groupings. Enjoy!


*returning In Colors

**retiring colors


cajun craze


early expresso


daffodil delight


cherry cobbler


marina mist


  1. Katie M says:

    Thanks for the comparisons! That is so helpful! I like the color tips as well. I never thought about reinking a used pad with a new similar color.